The founders of MAM had previously worked for the Austrian automation equipment manufacturer Kupa Präzisionsmaschinen GmbH, where Mr. Muser sen. was co-owner and managing director and has been developing pallet systems since 1999. The development of the series was completed in 2004, of which there are more than 300 systems on the market.

In 2004, the brand MAM was founded by the engineers Josef and his son Miguel Muser. MAM primarily develops, builds and sells automation solutions for horizontal machining centers. The efforts led to a technological lead, so more than 10 patents could be applied for.

Parallel to the development of the EPO (Enterprise Production Organizer) master computer, MAM also started its own supplier company in 2006, where the system is tested and improved under full capacity in a three-shift operation over several years.

In 2008, the enhanced High Performance Pallet System HPPS was presented for the first time at the IMTS in Chicago.

2012 starts the second generation of HPPS. With the unique DLS double loading station it is now possible to load two pallets at the same time. The real-time connection allows a reduction of the downtime during the production process towards zero by means of the modular control software.

In 2015, the HPPS size 30 was developed for large machines with a payload of 6000 kg.

2017 MAM presents for the first time at the EMO the last module of the complete system: the gantry loader CTA, which links several magazines together. The tool magazine MAM-LD-628 with the control V3.1, which also controls the CTA, was shown.