Compact pallet system – the miracle of linear space

Compact pallet system - the miracle of linear space

Uniquely small footprint, expandable later

The MAM CPS is the right access into the flexible production. It is the first totally flexible and modular system on the market. Start with the smallest unit and expand as you like.

As requirements increase, you can add more storage, machines and charging stations. The integrated real-time monitoring system keeps the overview and comes just as standard at MAM like the automated upload and download of the necessary CNC programs.

Your reliable employee for the third shift

MAM’s approach to verify this challenge is to exploit the unmanned or poor-staffed shift by concentrate on engineering and programming work in the “good shifts”. The rest will be done by the CPS.

A balanced, flexible system that also guarantees a fast ROI combines all advantages. Compared to conventional jointed-arm robots, the CPS uses a more efficient, reliable, almost maintenance-free linear robot system that handles parts weighing up to 1000 kg.

Machine types for your CPS-5

Toyoda FH-400J / FH-450J / FH-450s / FH-500J / FH-550J / FH550s
OKK HMC-400 / HMC500 / HM-500s / HM5100 / HM-X600
Enshu GE460He / JE80 / GE480He / GE580He
Makino A51 / A61 / a500Z
Heller H2000 / H3000 / H4000/ H4500
KIWA KK4500 / KH-45
Okuma MA-400HA / MA-500HII / MB-5000HII / MA500 / MB500
DMG Mori NH4000 / NHM5500 / NH-5000

Dimensiones of the CPS-4-5-6

Dimensions CPS 4-11 CPS 5-10 CPS 6-10
Pallet (mm) 400×400 500×500 630×630
Workpiece (mm) Ø630 Ø800 Ø1100
Transfer weight (kg) 500 600 1000
System height (mm) 2910 2990 3046
Total length (mm) 2980 4970 6190

Dimensionen für Ihr CPS-4-5-6

Dimensionen CPS
Palette (mm) 400×400 500×500 630×630
Werkstück (mm) Ø630 Ø800 Ø1100
Transfergewicht (kg) 500 600 1000
Systemhöhe (mm) 2910 2990 3046
Gesamtlänge (mm) 2980 4970 6190