Rotary loading system FX

The MAM FX is the step into flexible production with 5- or 4-axis machines. Standard functions such as automated upload and download of CNC programs, simple processing of jobs in color and real time and the powerful high-speed robot for transfer loads of up to 500 kg makes this system a technological pioneer.

Rotary Loading System

Like the CPS, the FX uses an efficient, more reliable, almost maintenance-free linear robot system. The swivel axis moves parts up to 1500 kg.

The solid steel frame and servomotors with well-known components from the machine tool industry enable maximum accelerations and precise positioning over the entire service life among low operating costs.


Dimensions FX-340 FX-416 FX-516 FX-816
Pallet (mm) 300×300 400×400 500×500 800×800
Storage places 40 16 16 16
Piece (mm) Ø400 Ø630 Ø800 Ø1300
Transfer weight (kg) 300 400 800 1500
Height (mm) 2540 2660 3058 3980
Total length (m) 2,6×1,9 2,6×1,9 3,4×2,3 5,2×3,6