Doppelladestation mit Mobile Resource Organizer

Data automation – MMS

The software modules developed by MAM are the performance accelerator of your production and fundamentally increase your throughput. Starting point and main consideration is the job management, from which an optimized automated system control will be derived.

Every production phase becomes transparent and easy to plan with the MMS software:

Core functions of the MMS software

  • Sequence control for automatic pallet and tool changes
  • Resource planning and order-related optimization
  • Tool management and monitoring
  • Provision of production data

Production Organizer 

Reduces your production lead time. The Dynamic production control enables forecatsts to plan the entire job of all machines and resources by delivery date or priority.

Tool Organizer 

Provides a powerful visualization functions for operators such as real-time tool monitoring, tool specification sheets, last use date, sister tool management with lifetime alerts, alarm massage diagnostics.

Mobile Ressource Organizer

Every tool status at a glance with the MAM-Mobile Tool Organizer