Data Automation MMS

The Production Organizer is the dynamic production control system for the optimized processing of your orders. The Tool Organizer monitors the condition of all tools in real time.

HPPS - High Performance Pallet System

The high number of different variants enables the connection of a wide variety of machine types. Allows 20 machines to be linked together and can be extended to 10 levels. The double loading station achieves additional performance gains.

Mobile Ressourcen Organizer MRO

The MRO provides you with all the necessary information about wear, service life and requirements of your tools via W-LAN.

Matrix Tool Magazines

High tool availability is crucial for highly automated production. MAM's fast Matrix Magazines help you reduce machine downtime.


CTA gantry robot system

Central Tool Automation - The CTA is designed for fast tool supply. It guarantees maximum tool availability.


Central Tool Magazine

After assembly and measurement, the tool is fed into a central magazine ensuring a seamless, sensor-free transition to production with current geometric data.

Flex-Tower and Zero-point clamping systems

Higher precision, faster set-up, fewer errors.

MMS Software

Data automation for tool changer and pallet automation

The software modules developed by MAM are the performance accelerators of your production and fundamentally increase the performance. The starting point and main consideration is an order control, from which MAM guarantees an optimized automated plant control.

Pallet Automation

Double charging station of an HPPS

Whether you are looking for a compact system for unmanned production in the night shift or a flexible production line with complete resource management, capacity planning, high-performance robots and a special vacuum clamping device – MAM is your partner.

Tool Magzines

A series of tool magazines

In the search for the optimal solutions, MAM has made no compromises since 2004; highest storage density, fast, precise MAM robots, contactless tool breakage detection and pre-selection of tools in the intermediate storage support your batch size one. MAM is the technological leader in this field.

Central Tool Automation

the gantry robot

The gantry robot system

Total flexibility: Start with a magazine and decide later how you want to expand and link your cnc systems. MAM offers space-saving and high-performance systems whose intelligent software automatically distributes tools to ensure more efficient unmanned production.

Flexible Clamping Systems

Flexible clamping tower

The use of intelligent, flexible clamping technology and its interaction with other components such as software and set-up station offers great potential for increasing productivity. MAM recognized this at an early stage and provided some technologically superior solutions.